Reviewing Fanny, a London escort model

Reviewing Fanny, a London escort model


Recently, I’ve been on a booking with a London escort model and I noticed that she doesn’t already have a review here. Since she was so good that I think it’s a crime that more people don’t already know about her, I decided to write one myself. The escort’s name is Fanny and I’m going to put up a link to the agency’s website so you can find her more easily. I don’t know how to post pictures yet, so I’m sorry for that!

The London escort model


First, let me say a few words about the model’s appearance. She’s very slender, but without looking sickly, with curves in all the right places. Her skin is free from any blemishes and she really does have the body of a super model. She’s tall, very pretty, with great hair and a pair of big, beautiful eyes. Her chest is very well proportioned for her body, but it won’t appeal to those who prefer a busty London model escort. Finally, I think she’s from Eastern Europe because of her accent. However, she speaks great English and sometimes you can’t even notice the accent, but maybe that was because I was too lost in her beautiful eyes.


The services


The services were almost impeccable, with the only spec of dust on them being that she checked her phone once, but only for a few seconds. She was very punctual and, throughout our time together, she really did everything she could to make me feel as good as possible. We talked about a wide variety of things while at dinner and then I asked her to come with me to my hotel room. She accepted and, once we got there, we got hot and naked for a few hours. Fanny is a girl that does just about anything. She really enjoys intimacy, she likes to go deep and look straight in your eyes when she’s using her mouth and, if you go slowly and are careful to stimulate her, she doesn’t say no to bum stuff either. Her rates were more than adequate for the great services she provides.

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about the location, because we went to a hotel. But I fully recommend the services of this amazing London escort model. Definitely book her if you’re into the super model look.

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